New Studio

My new studio is amazing…it’s so nice to go there with a big cup of coffee, turn on the heat and throw on some music or podcast and paint for hours and hours. Today I listened to podcasts: The Moth, This American Life, Snap Judgement, and half an episode of Adam Carolla, and I got very close to finishing a painting. I moved into this studio this summer right down the street from my old one, and across the street from the Rainier Brewery in Georgetown. I’m in the Fred Marino Building which used to house the Palace Hotel. My studio is actually in two rooms which overlook Airport Way. It wasn’t much to look at at first, with old Pergo flooring on one side, grey and green paint, and really dirty windows. So I spent a week stripping old paint, cleaning, scrubbing, repainting the walls and varnishing the floors. The space was transformed! Sometimes it’s so worth it to get your hands dirty in order to make something beautiful.

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