Wedding Present for the Smiths

When my friends Naomi and Forrest got married, I knew I wanted to present them with a painting as my wedding gift. Then when they announced they were pregnant, I also knew I would have the perfect subject. Surrounding their beautiful daughter I painted some of their favorite things and places.

Vivienne - acrylic on wood, 18"x24"

Stoup Brewery Murals


I spent the month of August painting murals on what is soon to be the new Stoup Brewery. It began with raw, concrete walls, and some ideas that I pitched to owners Lara Zahaba, Brad Benson and Robyn Shumacher. As I worked on the murals I got to see the brewery transform from raw space to functioning brewery. There was a bevy of different folks working each day, from plumbers to electricians, refrigeration, designers and metal smiths, all while I climbed up and down scaffolding to access the 17 ft walls. The day I painted the beer flowing from the taps was also the first day they brewed, so the smell of malt filled my nostrils as I worked. They also asked me to design their coasters!

A Whale Who Dreamt of a Snail – Now for Sale!


It’a amazing that eight months ago, Bill and I were just starting to set up our Kickstarter project to raise money to produce our book, and now it’s done and for sale on Amazon. It was a successful 2 month campaign, thanks to our many friends and family, then it took about 10 weeks to finish all the illustrations. After that another 5-6 weeks to get all the books printed, which we are sending out to our backers this week. In the meantime, we are getting the Kindle and iPad versions set up.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon

or visit

A Whale Who Dreamt of a Snail

Underwater Circus Paintings

Last summer I was invited to show some work at Le’Objects, this lovely home store in Georgetown. Tim, the owner has an amazing design and decorating sense. He has this amazing knack for putting together interesting and beautiful objects. I am a huge fan of his succulent terrariums, his lighting solutions, his turn-of-the-century typewriters, hourglasses, globes and liquor signs. But my favorite things in his store are the many shells, dried coral, starfishes, and other gems from the ocean. Violet was one painting from this series – I love her and the clownfish.


I decided to paint something special to hang in the store and I had a large 3’x4′ board available. I painted an underwater circus performer, an equestrienne of seahorses, who I named “Marina”. It started on ongoing set of paintings, that captures the fantasy of an under-the-sea circus.


Alba & Lazio

New Painting: Lazio

My studio is located in the Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center. This month (March-April) I am participating in a group show called “Gypsy Caravan – Travelogue Art Show”, at the Center’s Ballroom Gallery. I decided to do two new paintings for the show, giving myself only four days to complete both paintings. This first one was done in a day and a half and it’s called “Lazio”.

Gigi Under the Sea

This is probably my favorite piece and informs my new work (although I am playing with making things rougher and more layered). This is part of a tetraptych.

Bar del Corso Paintings

Obelisk Painting

This is my first post for the new Web site, which is sorely overdo! I’ll be posting some of my favorite older pieces and I am working on new work. This was my first commissioned piece, by the owner of Obelisk (a fantastic, James Beard-nominated, Italian restaurant in Washington, DC). He was pretty nonchalant about what he wanted, only requesting that I include a few obelisks in the piece. I was working on a series of long-necked women at the time so I created a Roman scene in which one of these women lived. There are some Roman touches, including Carciofi Romani, olives and almonds, and a Roman owl. If you look closely you might see the artist (and her husband) painted into the scene. This piece hangs in Obelisk’s bar.