Artist Statement


Inspired by the flora and fauna of the oceans, as well as vintage burlesque costumes, circus life, and high fashion, I create art that marries all of these elements. I enjoy placing figures in costume or high fashion within the astonishing sub aquatic world, using vibrant, playful colors. My experience as a graphic designer brings a strong graphic style to my work.

I keep sketchbooks of ideas and composition ideas, but when I paint I take an organic approach, seeing what patterns and techniques emerge. My main medium is acrylic paint on wood panels, canvas and paper.  I also work in mixed media including paper and fabric manipulation and recycled/repurposed materials. I enjoy the fast drying time of acrylic. Working on wood allows me to create a layered, textural background by adding layers of color, heavily sanding and essentially messing it up to give it an aged quality. On top of this stage, I paint very detailed figures, using fine brushes.

As my painting style develops, I hope to create even more layered stages, 3-dimensional spaces, and elaborate costumes. As I have gained confidence in my work, I have moved outside of my studio to creating art in public space. I believe in art that is approachable and can take someone to a new place of thought or experience, or simply touch him or her emotionally, even for a moment. The art I create in particular is made in the hope of bringing people joy, and adding beauty to the world.

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