A Whale Who Dreamt of a Snail


Last year I was introduced to a fellow named Bill and we got to talking about children’s books. Back in 1999, I wrote a story and drew some pictures to go with it. Turns out, Bill had a story he had written and I asked if I could read it. He agreed and I fell in love with it’s lullaby quality and I could already imagine how I would illustrate it. Unfortunately he already had someone in mind as the illustrator, but I told him that if that didn’t work out, to let me know. A couple weeks later, he told me the illustrator was actually too busy, and was I still interested. He was heading out of town so while he was gone, I came up with some rough drawings for the whole story. When he returned I showed him my ideas. He loved them, and a partnership was born.

We’ve been working on this project for about nine months off and on. Last fall we had a few of the illustrations and the story to send out to some publishers, but then we thought, maybe we can actually publish this ourselves, both as printed books and as ebooks. Now we are really pushing to get this done. We are setting up a Kickstarter project and we’ve already filmed our intro. I am continuing to flesh out the illustrations, and we hope to have it ready by summer.

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